Clinical Case 2

Two crowns screw retained in a single implant


Case information

TMJ Pain, Root Canal Failure

Procedures involved Implants, Crowns
Required Impresions X ray, Implant Impresion
Number of Visits 3
Total time required 2 Months and 2 weeks
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Our patient, male 58 years old, came to dental Tapia with severe pain in his TMJ (Temporo mandibular junction) and muscle. The patient told us that about a couple of years ago he had 2 teeth extracted from his lower right side due to a failure in a root canal.

On the following appointments information was gather from our patient, he got X-ray to examine his full mouth, and to develop a treatment plan. Our patient wanted some of his teeth fixed and it was determined that the only way to do it was thru the use of dental implants.

The X-ray revealed some anatomical issues, a nerve was present 6mm in the bicuspid area, so extra caution was required with any procedure to avoid damage to the nerve. it was decided to place an implant in the posterior part of the anatomical issue.



First Phase

The implant was placed.
Place a straumann implant wide neck ,tissue level and morse cone for best support 2 crowns.

Second Phase

Our patient had to wait 8 weeks to make another impression and to proceed with the treatment.

Third Phase

A very good stability was gained so two crowns could be supported with just a single implant.The 2 crowns were placed and screwed retained.