Clinical Case 1

Before and After
Case information

Worn dentition, Gum recession, Root fracture

Procedures involved Implants, Veneers, Crowns
Required Impresions X ray, cbct scan, Upper and lower jaw impresions
Number of Visits 5
Total time required 3 Months

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Patient with severe gum recession
Patient with severe gum recession.

Our patient for this case is a 68 year old female, who had been wearing dentures for several years.She visited dental tapia to take care of the following problems:

  • Worn dentition.
  • Gum recession.
  • Root Fracture.
  • She also wanted fixed permanent teeth, because she hates partial dentures.

During her first appointment information was gather in order to make a diagnosis and to start a treatment plan. X-rays and Cbct scan were taken, also impressions of the patient's upper and lower jaw
were taken as well.


The over all treatment plan involved:

  • making 4 upper implants to support 6 teeth (to eliminate the need for partial dentures)
  • applying 6 porcelain veneirs (to help with the gum recession).
  • making 4 lower implants to support 10 teeth.

Diagnosis wax up

Diagnosis wax up
Diagnosis Wax Up

First Phase

X-rays showing 4 upper implants and 4 lower ones

Temporaries (fixed screwed retained)in the lower jaw

Temporaies Upper anterior veneers and posteriors screw retained
All 8 implants (4 upper implants and 4 lower implants) were done in a single visit , also
temporaries teeth were placed in the same day.

Second Phase

Upper anterior Veneers lower implants

Upper anterior veneers

Lower jaw framework
2 months after the implants integrated into the bone, further impressions and preparations for the 6 upper anterior porcelain veneers and implant prostetic phase started.

Third Phase

Veneers and implant crowns placed on patient mouth. Crowns and framework placed on patient lower jaw.

The 6 anterior upper porcelain veneers were placed. Implant crowns were also placed.
In the lower jaw, hybrid prothesis of Zirconia frame work Prettau All in four were implemented.

Patient before treatment
Patient after the treatment ended

Treatment concluded after the third phase, Normal check up visits were advised.